Welcome to Regreen Springfield!

Through our tree advocacy efforts, ReGreen Springfield has collaborated with businesses, community organizations, educational partners and government agencies to promote the reforestation of Springfield, improve growing conditions for trees and engage new allies in tree care and monitoring.

ReGreen Springfield realizes that strength of our city in found in the neighborhoods. With that as the foundation for our work, we have embarked on an effort to partner with civic associations, religious institutions, businesses and other advocacy groups to assist in helping to ‘regreen’ the city.

A few of the thngs that ReGreen Springfield is doing to ensure that urban forest of the city is enjoyed by generations into the future include the following:

  • Planning for greening
  • Planting new trees
  • Maintenance of newly planted trees
  • Engaging ‘citizen scientists’
  • Developing strategic master plans

Last summer, we were able to plant 1,040 new trees across the tornado zone of Springfield in an effort to regreen the city and to help reduce energy use by individual homeowners.  Please join Regreen Springfield in this reforestation effort by planting a tree in your own yard, helping to plant trees along our streets and in our parks, or donate your time or funds to neighborhood regreening efforts. With your help, Springfield’s urban forest will be restored… one tree at a time.

Come Celebrate our Fall Festival- October 21st


Please Join Us For Our Harvest Celebration…

Please come join us for our annual fall harvest event that we will be holding at Appleseed Orchard. All friends and family are welcome to help with this event. .

Please come join us on October 21st from 12:00 NOON – 2:00 PM and celebrate our years harvest.

This season has produced apples, pears, blueberries, and cherries. We will be harvesting apples at the event and bringing additional fruits from local orchard for eating and sharing. There is no charge for this event.

Appleseed Orchard is maintained by volunteers such as yourself, so come learn how you can join us as we continue to make the orchard flourish. Your help will be beneficial to us as we will continue to plant new trees.

The Orchard is located at Locust and Rifle street at Johnny Appleseed Park.

To learn more, visit www.regreenspringfield.org

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Help Plant Trees to Make Springfield a Bit Greener- October 25th

earthdaytreeplantingCOMMUNITY TREE PLANTING

Please Join Us For a Community Tree Planting Day – Wednesday, October 25th

Please plan join Regreen Springfield and Keep Springfield Beautiful as we engage in a community tree planting, to help regreen the city, one tree at a time.

Date and Time: October 25th from 8:30AM-2:30PM

This event will be held on Albemarle Street in the Upper Hill Neighborhood. This event will include the planting of over 50 trees, a free lunch, and community engagement!

Along with yourself, this event will include volunteers from Regreen Springfield, Keep Springfield Beautiful, and students from the Springfield area.

To learn more and to let us know you can help out, visit www.regreenspringfield.org/planting

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Read The GreenPage News – Summer Issue

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