I Want a Tree

The regreening of Springfield will not be an easy task, nor will it be able to be completed overnight. The cost of the replanting effort will be enormous, and in today’s climate of economic uncertainty and diminishing public funding, there will need to be a strategic approach to the planning and replanting of public trees in the City. The entire street tree canopy cannot be replanted in one single season. It may take a year or two to accomplish the goal of getting 2000 new trees planted, so please be patient. But, you need to act now in order to get your tree planting request made a top priority.

In an effort to begin the process of regreening, the City of Springield’s Forestry Division is asking that indivicuals who would like to have a new tree(s) planted on their street or on their treebelt, to complete a Request for New Tree online.  This will assist in the planning for the next steps in the process of getting trees planted in Springfield’s neighborhoods.

To request new tree(s) near your home, please click on the Submit A Request button on the left.

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