Welcome to Regreen Springfield!

Through our tree advocacy efforts, ReGreen Springfield has collaborated with businesses, community organizations, educational partners and government agencies to promote the reforestation of Springfield, improve growing conditions for trees and engage new allies in tree care and monitoring.

ReGreen Springfield realizes that strength of our city is found in the neighborhoods. With that as the foundation for our work, we have embarked on an effort to partner with civic associations, religious institutions, businesses and other advocacy groups to assist in helping to ‘regreen’ the city.

Please join Regreen Springfield in this reforestation effort by planting a tree in your own yard, helping to plant trees along our streets and in our parks, or donate your time or funds to neighborhood regreening efforts. With your help, Springfield’s urban forest will be restored… one tree at a time. To learn more about us, visit Contacts using the link at the top menubar.

To assist in the Regreen Springfield effort, please join us a a Member, or spend some time with us as a Volunteer. Click a button to see how you can help.

Tree Pruning Day – Saturday, September 13th

On Saturday, September 13th,  join Regreen Springfield, beginning at 8:30 AM, in helping to prune trees in the city. This “Tree Pruning Field Day” will provide an opportunity for you to get outside and lend a hand with some important work that otherwise might not get completed.  We’ll work on caring for young streets, which are at a critical time in their growth and development.  We’ll work until 11:30 AM, and feed you following the event.  How can you beat that offer?

Teams of volunteers recently completed a day of similar pruning and were very excited to see how much of a difference their work made in helping to bring newly planted trees into shape and better structure.

If you have not yet attended one of our Tree Tender Pruning Workshops, we will work with you to help you develop the skills needed to help in this effort.

Please plan to attend this community event, and bring your own pruners if you have them, but more importantly bring your enthusiasm to this event.

We will meet at Regreen Springfield headquarters, on One Federal Street, in the Business Growth Center.  This is just across from the main entrance to Springfield Technical Community College on Federal Street.

To register for the event, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tree-pruning-work-day-tickets-12681060393

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Daily News from Regreen Springfield: A new e-Pub

Look for the new daily e-Pub brought to you by Regreen Springfield.  “The Regreening Daily” presents a news digest of stories, articles, photos and information from sources across the web.  The gaol of the e-Pub is to provide readers with timely, relevant and useful information related to urban forests across the country and around the globe.

Regreen Springfield is hoping that this source of information and news will be of use to our supporters and members, and we look forward to your feedback on the electronic publication.

To access the latest editon of the “The Regreening Daily” please visit




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Tree Canopy Cover Report on Springfield’s Trees Released

The tree canopy cover in the seventeen neighborhoods of Springfield, Massachusetts was examined in a study released by Regreen Springfield, providing a summary of the percent tree canopy within each community sector, using i-Tree Canopy.  The study was completed in partnership with the US Forest Service and the University of Massachusetts, and includes the results of data collected across the city’s entire urban forest, including public and private lands.

Additionally, the area of tree canopy in total acres, in each neighborhood was determined using the i-Tree toolkit. The study, completed in mid-2014 provides the City’s Forestry Division with a baseline measure of Springfield’s tree canopy, as it moves toward establishing tree canopy goals for the next decade. Finally, the comparison of neighborhood tree cover provides useful information that will assist in targeting new tree planting efforts across the city.

For more information on i-Tree, visit www.itreetools.org

View the report below.  And, for a more detailed analysis of each neighborhood, please visit Click Here

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