Welcome to Regreen Springfield!

Through our tree advocacy efforts, ReGreen Springfield has collaborated with businesses, community organizations, educational partners and government agencies to promote the reforestation of Springfield, improve growing conditions for trees and engage new allies in tree care and monitoring, education and citizen science.  We realize that the strength of our city is found in the neighborhoods. With this as the foundation for our work, we have embarked on an effort to ‘regreen’ the city… one tree at at time.

Please join Regreen Springfield in this reforestation effort by planting a tree in your own yard, helping to plant trees along our streets and in our parks, or donate your time or funds to neighborhood regreening efforts. With your help, Springfield’s urban forest will be restored.

C&S Wholesale Grocers Help Regreen Camp Wilder Park

22034363174_16cb686f5b_oOn Saturday, October 31, 26 volunteers from C&S Wholesale Grocers, located in Hatfield, worked with volunteers from Regreen Springfield to help regreen Camp Wilder Park in the Sixteen Acres Neighborhood.  The park was created as part of the effort to restore greenspace in the city following the June 2011 tornado.

The team of volunteers, who traveled to Springfield from as far away as Brattleboro, VT and Erving, MA worked to prune shrubs, weed and cultivate planting beds, spread bark mulch and remove invasive plants from the tornado recovery area of the park near Quarry Pond.22656121075_3d91be3ba5_o

The effort provided an opportunity for Regreen Springfield to partner with another corporate supporter in an effort to regreen the city… one tree at a time.  The C&S team plans to visit Springfield again next spring, to help plant trees in the lower Forest Park Neighborhood of the city.

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International Society of Arboriculture Gold Leaf Award to Regreen Springfield

isaLogoAndNameAt the 2015 Annual Meeting and Conference of the New England Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (NE-ISA), held in North Conway, NH, Regreen Springfield was recognized with this years Gold Leaf Award.  The ISA Gold Leaf Award is designed to recognize an individual, organization, or  community in the New England Chapter for outstanding community landscape beautification projects. This is an opportunity for the NEC-ISA to recognize 22000784043_fa2b5a0fc2_zprojects that have had an impact on a community or region with an international award.

The Gold Leaf award is intended to recognize individuals, organizations, or municipalities that have made significant contributions through tree planting and landscaping which enhances environmental protection, conservation,
beautification, air purification, or wildlife protection. Regreen Springfield’s dedication to improve the urban forest and environmental quality of Springfield’s neighborhoods was cited as key in the selection of this year’s recipient.

In addition to Regreen Springfield, David Bloniarz, President of the organization was recognized for his efforts to improve Springfield’s urbanized landscapes.

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New Trees Planted in McKnight Neighborhood on TD Bank Tree Days

td bank volunteersOver 50 volunteers planted 47 new shade trees in and along the streets surrounding Magazine Park in Springfield’s McKnight Neighborhood on October 21st.  The effort, which was part of the TD Bank Tree Days, in which over 1,500 new trees were planted within their service area during October.

Each volunteer had a job, whether it was digging the holes, planting the trees, or even making sure the trees got provided enough drinking water. According to Edward Casey, City Forester, “We have the volunteers get the trees in the ground we’ll have a crew come through and mulch them and than we’ll come back and put a tree gauge around them a watering reservoir that will add 20 gallons of water after the planting.”  He added, “Regreen Springfield and TD Bank have been great partners over the years in helping regreen the city.”td bank volunteers group

Matt Maguire, TD Bank Retail Mark Manager for the Greater Springfield Region, said “Research says that communities are safer, reducing energy, lower costs for homes, and just makes it a better city.”

This effort is one of a continued series of tree planting projects undertaken this year by Regreen Springfield and its partners.

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