Welcome to Regreen Springfield!

Through our tree advocacy efforts, ReGreen Springfield has collaborated with businesses, community organizations, educational partners and government agencies to promote the reforestation of Springfield, improve growing conditions for trees and engage new allies in tree care and monitoring, education and citizen science.  We realize that the strength of our city is found in the neighborhoods. With this as the foundation for our work, we have embarked on an effort to ‘regreen’ the city… one tree at at time.

Please join Regreen Springfield in this reforestation effort by planting a tree in your own yard, helping to plant trees along our streets and in our parks, or donate your time or funds to neighborhood regreening efforts. With your help, Springfield’s urban forest will be restored.

Learn About Water in Your Neighborhood – at Emerson Wight Park – Wed, August 12th

As part of the Parks and People Learning Program, being undertaken by the US Forest Service, Regreen Springfield and the C3 South End Community Policing Initiative, there is an upcoming event that should be of interest to Springfield residents of all ages.  Come join in the fun and learning…


August 12, 2015
4:00 – 6:00 PM
Emerson Wight Park, Marble Street, Springfield, MA

Come learn about water in the South End Neighborhood, and what benefits it provides you. Water plays a key role in the ecosystem that we live in, and without it nothing would be able to thrive. Having clean water is essential to all living things. Please join us for this fun, informative information session about water.

Plan to attend this FREE informational event, which features demonstrations, outdoor experiments and refreshments. This event aimed at middle and high school aged residents, as well as students. Even if you don’t live in the South End, please come to the event.

This neighborhood event features several researchers from the US Forest Service, who will lead you on a fun, exciting look at the water ecosystem in the city. We will learn about how you can participate in helping to care for the water supply in your neighborhood. This will be a FUN event, and don’t worry if you don’t know much about water; you will know alot more when you leave the event.

  • Learn Something New
  • Easy to Understand Science
  • Fun Filled and Fast Paced
  • Food and Drink
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City Wide Tree Identification Scavenger Hunt Extended through August

Connor-clipboardDuring the month of July and August, ReGreen Springfield is conducting a Tree Identification Scavenger Hunt, which will provide an opportunity to win prizes.  Trees in parks across the city have been flagged, with a ‘tree tag’ which provides information on the  logistics of the event.  The idea is to have residents travel to various parks and try to identify the genus and/or species of the trees that are flagged.

The flagged trees are a variety of species, and the first person to find each flag and correctly identify 10 trees will win a new tree, to be planted by ReGreen Springfield at the location of your choice.

PRIZES for the Adventurers!  The first ten people to correctly identify 5 trees will receive a copy of  “Tree Finder: A Manual for Identification of Trees by their Leaves (Eastern US) (Nature Study Guides).”  

Instructions: Just use the interactive map below to find the parks where the trees are located. Zoom on a park symbol to find the specific location of your scavenger hunt tree and note it’s location and surrounding features, then visit the park and look for the tree tag (just like the one above) hanging from the scavenger hunt tree, identify the tree species and submit your entry online using the button below the map.

View Larger Map


List of Tree Locations:

  • Nathan Bill Park
  • Marshall Roy Park
  • Van Horn Park
  • Calhoun Park
  • Emily Bill Park
  • Old First Church
  • Merrick Park
  • Winchester Square
  • Blunt Park
  • Brookings School Traffic Island at Walnut Street
  • Gunn Square
  • Johnny Appleseed Park (Stebbins Park)
  • Sixteen Acres Library
  • Wilbraham Road and Roosevelt Ave Traffic Island
  • Roosevelt Ave and Island Pond Road Traffic Island
  • Barrow’s Playground
  • Forest Park – Near Duck Pond Parking Area
  • Forest Park – Near arbors in vicinity of Dinosaur Tracks
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Regreen Springfield’s Parks and People Featured on Northeast Public Radio

tree measurement hs studentsThe Parks and People Initiative which is part of a Regreen Springfield collaborative partnership is working to increase Springfield residents’ awareness of the natural world in the South End Neighborhood of the city.  The effort was recently featured on a Northeast Public Radio segment, and included an interview with Regreen Springfield member, and US Forest Service scientist, Dave Bloniarz.

WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with David last week.  The story can be found at www.wamc.org/post/city-summer-lessons-birds-and-trees 

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