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Through our tree advocacy efforts, ReGreen Springfield has collaborated with businesses, community organizations, educational partners and government agencies to promote the reforestation of Springfield, improve growing conditions for trees and engage new allies in tree care and monitoring, education and citizen science.  We realize that the strength of our city is found in the neighborhoods. With this as the foundation for our work, we have embarked on an effort to ‘regreen’ the city… one tree at at time.

Please join Regreen Springfield in this reforestation effort by planting a tree in your own yard, helping to plant trees along our streets and in our parks, or donate your time or funds to neighborhood regreening efforts. With your help, Springfield’s urban forest will be restored.

New Trees Planted in Six Corners Neighborhood

Regreen Springfield teams plant trees on Pine Street on October 7th.

Regreen Springfield teams plant trees on Pine Street on October 7th.

On October 7th, Regreen Springfield partnered with Keep Springfield Beautiful, the Springfield Science Museum and the United Parcel Service (UPS) to plant 25 new street trees in the Six Corners Neighborhood.  This planting was part of the Keep America Beautiful grant program that links local affiliates with local UPS employees who provide volunteer support to plant the trees, in addition to the funding for the trees.

The Keep America Beautiful/UPS grant program is intended to help:  sequester levels of carbon dioxide through strategic plantings; emphasize the importance of native tree planting; produce fruit from fruit trees for local consumption; and plant trees that will have a greater likelihood of withstanding natural disasters in communities that have lost a significant number of trees because of a recent natural disaster.

A new tree gets planted on Pine Street, in the shadow of a large Elm tree, on October 7th.

A new tree gets planted on Pine Street, in the shadow of a large Elm tree, on October 7th.

The UPS Foundation grants are part of UPS’s Global Forestry Initiative designed to plant, protect and preserve trees in urban and rural areas in the United States and around the world. UPS has surpassed the company’s 2014 tree planting goals, planting more than 1.7 million trees during that year’s grant cycle. Since 2012, The UPS Foundation and UPS employees have planted more than 3 million trees across 47 countries to support the environment.

The project represents a continued effort by Regreen Springfield to work with the City of Springfield Forestry Division to increase tree cover across the city.

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TD Tree Days Tree Planting Planned for October 21st

22000779046_56f36aa9c5_oEmployees from TD Bank will join with Regreen Springfield to plant new trees in Springfield’s Upper Hill Neighborhood on Wednesday, October 21st as part of the company’s TD Tree Days.  Over 50 volunteers will participate in the planting of new street and park trees in the Federal Square and Magazine Park areas of the neighborhood.

Since its U.S. introduction five years ago, TD Tree Days has seen thousands of TD Volunteers plant more than 3,300 trees across the U.S.  Last year TD Employees joined with Customers and community partners to plant more than 1,100 trees in communities across our footprint. Best of all, they planted them where they were needed the most! With shovels in their hands and smiles on their faces, hundreds of volunteers made a real difference by greening – literally – parks and green spaces in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods from Maine to Florida.

This year TD Bank employees are ramping up to do it again, only they will be planting more trees in more neighborhoods! They will be planting more than 1,300 trees in 25 locations, including 50 in Springfield.TDB_color-4

If you would like to help out, please plan to meet at Magazine Park, at the intersection of St. James Avenue and Magazine Street (near State Street) on Wednesday, October 21st at  9:30 AM.  Come join the fun!


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Learn About Water in Your Neighborhood – at Emerson Wight Park – Wed, August 12th

As part of the Parks and People Learning Program, being undertaken by the US Forest Service, Regreen Springfield and the C3 South End Community Policing Initiative, there is an upcoming event that should be of interest to Springfield residents of all ages.  Come join in the fun and learning…


August 12, 2015
4:00 – 6:00 PM
Emerson Wight Park, Marble Street, Springfield, MA

Come learn about water in the South End Neighborhood, and what benefits it provides you. Water plays a key role in the ecosystem that we live in, and without it nothing would be able to thrive. Having clean water is essential to all living things. Please join us for this fun, informative information session about water.

Plan to attend this FREE informational event, which features demonstrations, outdoor experiments and refreshments. This event aimed at middle and high school aged residents, as well as students. Even if you don’t live in the South End, please come to the event.

This neighborhood event features several researchers from the US Forest Service, who will lead you on a fun, exciting look at the water ecosystem in the city. We will learn about how you can participate in helping to care for the water supply in your neighborhood. This will be a FUN event, and don’t worry if you don’t know much about water; you will know alot more when you leave the event.

  • Learn Something New
  • Easy to Understand Science
  • Fun Filled and Fast Paced
  • Food and Drink
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